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Last month I had an appointment at One Aesthetics with Dr. Pierone. Lately, I’ve noticed that my mid face especially is succumbing to gravity’s pull. One side of my face, in particular, has a heaviness to it and the suggestion of a nasolabial fold forming. It’s not entirely “drooping” or “sagging” just yet, but it’s always better to get out ahead of these things.  If I were to wait and let it (quite literally) slide, it would require more invasive and expensive intervention to correct down the road.

So, I reached out to Amie Evans, the aesthetic consultant, and owner of One Aesthetics. Amie suggested that Dr. Pierone could address my concern with suspensory threads. Suspensory threads are a type of PDO thread with tiny barbs on them. The surgical grade thread is placed under the skin, and the barbs provide just enough traction to help lift and hold the facial tissue in place. These threads are undetectable and dissolve over time (think dissolvable sutures). The best part about thread lifting is that it’s quick (can be done in a half hour appointment), involves very little pain, and there’s no downtime for recovery like you would have with surgery. Threads, dermal fillers, and Botox work brilliantly together to rejuvenate the face. You can read more about the different types of threads and how they work here.

I’ve posted a video of my appointment at One Aesthetics below so you can see the suspensory threads in action. Dr. Pierone also uses the filler Vollure to help correct the shape of my nose and fill in a couple of divots in my chin. (Botox in my chin hasn’t worked well for me in the past, unfortunately.) You can read more about non-surgical nose contouring here. 

The video features several injections to my face, but I’m not in any pain throughout the treatment, and there is very little blood.  If needles make you squeamish, this may not be the clip for you though.  (I had just had an Aerolase treatment done, so everything but my eye makeup was washed off; in case it looks odd.)

Can you see the improvement that the suspensory threads made? I really can. That evening and the next day I had a little bit of soreness on either side of my head that felt like a slight headache. I was careful to sleep on my back for a week or so. It’s now been three weeks since my treatment, and I can still appreciate the slight lift that was accomplished. I’m thrilled overall with the improvements made to my nose and chin, as well.

Before and immediately after suspensory threads and nose contouring (you can see I’m red in spots from the injections)
Before and after suspensory threads and nose contouring
Before I ever saw Dr. Pierone 3+ years ago, and after this most recent appointment
Before I ever saw Dr. Pierone 3+ years ago, and after my most recent appoointment (much of this is thanks to Bellafill)

Dr. Pierone has a ton of training and expertise in these techniques. If you can’t see him, it’s essential that you chose an injector who has ample education and experience. This is your face we’re talking about, after all. Before and after photographs are a helpful way to gauge someone’s skill level and experience, as are testimonials from other clients.

If you’d like to reach out to Amie at One Aesthetics for a free consultation, call 1-407-720-4242 or email You can also find out more about them at their website: 

A special thank you to Dana France for filming my appointment!

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