Healing My Heels

Look familiar?

This is what my heels would look like all winter long. Perhaps worse than how they looked, they felt raw and uncomfortable, and god forbid I accidentally brushed one up against my poor husband’s legs under the covers. Not usually the best way to initiate any kind of…ahem…romance, if you catch my drift.

Well, I finally found a solution that’s simple and straightforward. No pumice stones, foot shavers, callus removers or foot soaks required. It’s not the most glamorous looking product at the drugstore. But it works. It’s called Flexitol Heel Balm, and I picked it up at Walgreen’s one day out of complete desperation.

I applied it twice daily, and after only two days my scratchy, parched heels were already feeling like soft healthy feet again. It’s freaking amazing stuff!

I did a little reading up, and it seems the active ingredient that works the magic in Flexitol is urea. Don’t worry, it’s not what you might be thinking. The urea used in preparations for skincare is synthetic. But you are correct if you’re thinking that we produce urea naturally in our own bodies.

Urea is a molecule that is highly effective at moisturizing due to its ability to hold water molecules in place. And, at doses of 10% or more, it has what’s called a “keratolytic” effect. Medicine.net calls keratolysis: the softening and shedding of the horny outer layer of the skin. So, urea is wonderful for exfoliation of rough, dry skin. In the Flexitol Heel Balm, urea is second only to water on the list of ingredients–making up 25% of the formula.

Flexitol’s moisture packed formula also contains lanolin, aloe, vitamin e and shea butter. Urea also aids in the penetration of whatever other ingredients it’s combined with. So, while the high concentration of urea is key, the additional ingredients in Flexitol all work in harmony to moisturize and heal.

Another little-known benefit of urea: it can be used to soften brittle or ingrown toenails. I am prone to ingrown toenails, and have been putting it around the nail beds of my big toes…so far it really seems to be making a huge difference!

I’ve tried countless foot creams and balms that have made promises to restore my sandpaper heels, but this is the only one I’ve found that actually delivers. Again, the packaging leaves a bit to be desired, but think of it as medicine for your feet.  You’ll find it in the back of the drug store with the foot care products like wart removers and callus protectors. (Or click on the image of the product above to purchase it at Amazon.)  It isn’t sold next to the fancy, pretty foot lotions, and potions that don’t get the job done.

Your feet (and anyone who might accidentally come into contact with them, haha) will thank me later.

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I’m so glad you wrote about foot care! My feet are one area that I never can seem to get a handle on. I ordered Flexitol- I can’t wait to try it!