Non-surgical nose contouring

Your nose has a significant impact on your appearance. The nose anchors our facial features. Many people (myself included) aren’t necessarily thrilled with the nose Mother Nature bestowed upon them. While I don’t believe there is one cookie cutter nose that suits all or is considered “perfection,” I think people should be free to make the most of what they’ve got without judgment.
Rhinoplasty is not only very costly but a surgical procedure that carries risks. After the fact, incisions and bruising must heal, and there’s the possibility of scarring; not to mention the amount of time required for recovery. There’s also the possibility that you’re still unhappy with your nose after going under the knife (possibly more unhappy than you were to begin with).
Now, thanks to the latest technology in facial aesthetics, the nose can be refined in a minimally invasive way.

PDO threads for the nose

Advanced injectors are now using PDO threads to lift and subtly shape the nose, improving the look of lost volume, scarring, or drooping that can happen with age. PDO threads can visibly alter the shape and projection of the nose. PDO (or polydioxanone) is a material used by surgeons for surgical sutures. The threads are bio-compatible and get absorbed by our bodies over time. They’re placed under the skin and used to elevate the bridge and tip of the nose. I wrote about the use of PDO threads for facial rejuvenation here.

I also mentioned previously that Dr. Pierone at One Aesthetics uses PDO threads on my nose. Not only do I see a difference from the threads, but I can instantly feel an incredible difference! The threads lifting the bridge of my nose make it so I immediately feel more air coming in with each breath!

Dr. Pierone’s strategic placement of the threads has made my nose appear more lifted and symmetrical overall.  The after picture of me below was taken immediately after having threads placed, incidentally. Patients can easily resume day to day activities after treatment.


My nose before any PDO threads, and after having them placed a few times. You can see that it has subtly changed shape.


HA filler for the nose

Hyaluronic acid fillers can also be precisely injected to enhance the shape and projection of the nose, or to correct bumps, scars, and asymmetry. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a sugary, gel-like substance that occurs naturally throughout our skin’s structure and connective tissue. It lubricates joints and keeps things moist.

When injected under the skin, it fills out lines on the face, plumps lips and can enhance contours like the cheeks.

Here is a patient who had Dr. Pierone inject HA filler to correct a bump in her nose:

If you are ever unhappy with your final result, HA fillers are reversible. Injecting a special enzyme causes the filler to dissolve within 24 hours. You can read more about HA fillers in the glossary section of this blog.

Combination of PDO threads and filler

Dr. Pierone will often use a combination of both threads and filler to enhance the shape of the nose. Here is another one of Dr. Pierone’s patients. He used both PDO threads to lift her nose and a bit of Vollure (an HA filler) to contour:

PDO threads and HA fillers are both in-office procedures that can be performed in under a half hour, requiring little to no downtime. HA filler can last up to a year or longer, and unlike surgery, should you not like the outcome it isn’t permanent. The threads will be broken down 6 to 8 months after the treatment, but they stimulate collagen formation to provide some sustainable lift for the nose. With touch-ups, PDO threads can make a lasting change to your nose.

Can these nose treatments have side effects?

Some mild swelling or redness at injection sites is normal, and a bit of bruising may occur. These side effects will resolve within a few days.


Nose filler especially must be performed by an experienced injector who is aware of the possibility of infection and vascular complications associated with filling this area. If not handled by someone competent, filling the nose can lead to skin necrosis or even blindness. While these complications are rare, they emphasize the importance of finding a highly qualified and trustworthy injector.

Choosing which doctor will perform your treatment is a big decision. Not only because you want to avoid complications, but because you want the best possible outcome. A doctor experienced with placing nose threads will know the exact number of threads you’ll need for the optimum result, for example.

PDO threads and fillers are also an excellent first step if you think you might want rhinoplasty one day. They give you the chance to “try out” a new and improved nose without the commitment, risk, or expense of surgery.





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